Tape And Jointing Specialists

Where the tape and jointing system is used on edge boards to walls and ceilings, Nextgen can create a seamless finish as a basis for further application of decorative finishes.

Tape jointing is used on flat surfaces and internal and external corner joints. Tape and jointing is also employed to create beautiful, smooth curves in walls and ceilings. Tape and jointing has a fast setting and drying time, allowing quicker decoration. Only a small amount of material is required on site compared to wet plaster.


Why Choose Tape & Jointing?

Taping and jointing is an handy service that can be really useful on many commercial jobs, when it is done right. The idea of taping and jointing is to prepare plasterboard walls for painting without the need to plaster them. When applied correctly, taping and jointing will create walls with an even finish and nobody will ever know that they aren’t plastered. As one of the leading commercial finishers on the south Nextgen is very experienced in this service and could save you time, as well as money on your project.

Benefits of taping and jointing include:

  • A quick and effective alternative to plastering
  • Taping and jointing can significantly speed up completion of your project
  • Leaves a great finish, when done by professionals

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