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Our customers include residential home owners, commercial builders, property developers and new build contractors in Portsmouth, Southampton and the South Coast. We are highly experienced and use the latest innovative technology to provide the very best finish and service.


Plastering Options


Thistle skim coat plasters give all the advantages of airtightness and a robust solid finish. Within the range added benefits of additional acoustic performance, magnetic attraction, scuff resistance and air purity make this the first choice of finish for any solution.

For a versatile finishing plaster, ThistlePro Multi-Finish is ideal for use on common backgrounds including undercoat plasters and plasterboard. Whilst ThistlePro DuraFinish plaster increases damage resistance by 60%.

Our ThistlePro PureFinish plaster contains Activ’Air technology making indoor spaces healthier. Or why not take a look at ThistlePro Magnetic Plaster allowing the creation of interactive walls and decorative finishes.

Knauf Airless Spray Plaster

Knauf airless finish is a highly efficient spray applied alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. It is formed from a lightweight formula, making it easier to level and sand, as well as manage on site. It is ideal for smooth finishes over Knauf Plasterboard or over backgrounds prepared with Knauf Airless Backing.

Key Facts About This Product

Applied using an airless high pressure piston pump machine.
Applied in coats of 1–1.5m thickness.
Drying time 12–24 hours prior to decoration.
Coverage up to 22m² per 25kg bag at 1–2 mm thickness.


Knauf Airless Finish and Airless Finish Light, what's the difference?

Knauf Airless Finish Light is tested to EN13963:2014 which can be used for bedding and beading, as well as plastering to walls and ceilings. A finer finish at 80 microns – better filling capabilities for the substrate. Knauf Airless Finish needs a preceding filler to bed joints prior to application and increased density at 200 microns.

Can you spray already plastered walls? Should a primer be used?

Yes, you can spray previously decorated walls with no primer needed.

Do all of your Knauf Airless Finish products have health, environmental and quality policies?

Knauf Airless products have no silica or chemical binders in the range; we publish Product Sustainability Data for each product. There is also minimal risk for working at height, vastly improved water, waste and time management compared to traditional methods.

Do you need a base coat for application on brick/block?

Yes, we suggest Knauf Airless Backing and Airless Finish for that type of substrate.

How long does the product take to install/drying time?

Air drying products e.g. Knauf Airless Finish, typically take 12–24 hours. For our chemical set products, this varies and would be subject to humidity and weather conditions. Knauf Airless application time: 100 m² every 27 minutes.

Why is it so thin?

You do not need the same thickness to obtain the same performance characteristics. We add polymer and organic binders so the performance characteristics are different to gypsum based plaster. Minimum depth is 1.5mm typically 2mm after full application, compared to 3mm for gypsum based products.

What type of surfaces can Knauf Airless Finish be applied to?

Knauf Airless Finish can be applied onto various surfaces such as taped and jointed plasterboard, precast panels, aircrete panels or previously decorated surfaces.

Do I need to mix this product?

No, the Knauf Airless Finish comes pre-mixed and doesn’t need any additional water or binders to aid the product.

What spray plaster machines do we recommend for use with Knauf Airless Finish?

We recommend the use of Graco Mark 5 spray plastering machines for the best results and ease of application with Airless Backing; any machine used needs to be 110v and 16 amp power.

Which tip shall I use on the spray plastering machine when using Knauf Airless Finish?

Tip size 535 can be used for best results use with Knauf Airless Finish.

What is the shelf life for Knauf Airless Finish?

The shelf life for Knauf Airless Finish is 9 months and the date printed on the bag is the manufacture date.

Is Knauf Airless a gypsum based plaster?

No, Knauf Airless is a breathable, marble based plaster with additional binders and polymers added.

What is the maximum depth which Knauf Airless Finish can be applied to?

This product can be applied up to 1–2mm thick prior to decoration.

What colour is the Knauf Airless Finish after application?

The finished colour of the product is white.

What storage conditions should the Knauf Airless Finish be kept in?

It should be kept indoors between temperatures of 5°C and 30°C.

What is the setting time of Knauf Airless Finish?

The typical drying time for Knauf Airless Finish is 12–24 hours dependent on ventilation and air humidity.

Should I sand Knauf Airless Finish once it has dried?

Knauf Airless Finish can be sanded once dried to get rid of any high spots using 120 grit sandpaper.

Does the Knauf Airless Finish have any fire performance data?

Yes, the reaction to fire (R2F) for Knauf Airless is A2–s1,d0 to EN 13501–1.


Airless Spray Paint

Nextgen provide spray painters in London and the South coast. Our spray painters produce ‘as new’ finishes while benefiting from being quick and cost effective for large projects such as factories, and industrial units.

Why Use Airless Spray Paint?

As Professional contractors we use airless sprayers for several reasons; the most important being their speed, quality and versatility. Airless spraying is up to 4 times faster than brushing or rolling, meaning your job can be completed in less time. The quality produces an even coat of paint on all surface types, leaving a high-quality finish. The versatility of airless sprayers allows them to be used with a wide range of coating materials for interior and exterior jobs.

Four Good Reasons To Spray

It penetrates very effectively, reaching pits and crevices.
It produces a uniform thick coating, reducing the number of coats required.
It applies a very "wet" coating, ensuring good adhesion and flow-out.
It can cover large areas quickly, which is great for painting new build properties, exterior masonry, or commercial projects.

Nextgen Interior Fitout Solutions

Commercial Interior Fitout for clients in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey